Welcome to my virtual creative corner! I'm a queer Brazilian artist who loves to be behind the camera capturing life's little moments. I use they/them/ela pronouns and identify as gender non-conforming!

Catch me outside exploring the land and finding the perfect location that compliments your unique story! I love being outdoors (preferably in a hammock with snacks) listening to the sounds of nature surrounding me. Need recommendations for outdoor adventures? I got you covered!!!

When I'm not wandering around you can find me cuddling with my cat, reading a thought-provoking book, making art, or trying out a new recipe. Simple pleasures bring me so much joy!

look no further if you are seeking a photographer who will hype you up; making you feel comfortable and empowered in front of the camera. capturing your soul is my superpower!


My love for photography started in high school when I enrolled in a photography class and explored film photography for the first time. Experiencing photography from the moment a photo is taken to selecting an image from the film reel to developing the images to fit my vision allowed me to play with my creativity more than I ever had at the time. I fell in love with this art form! I was excited to learn about the inner workings of a camera, how to tell a story through my eyes, and collaborate with people to combine our creative visions!

In 2019 I decided to turn my hobby into a business, and so Iaramosa Photography was born! Photography has been a creative outlet that has allowed me to meet so many beautiful humans and create magic together! I'm truly grateful to be allowed into your life and to help you remember these moments for the rest of your life.

Throw back to my first DSLR in December of 2010

a little more about me

meet stormy

I adopted Stormy (my cuddly , chatty, and dramatic senior cat) in December of 2022... and the rest is history in the making! I'm determined in trying to bring her along on my adventures! But all she truly wants is to nap, and get pets. Naturally, if you had to guess what my favorite subject to photograph is... you'd probably guess right ;)

the beach

The sound of the waves crashing on shore, the smell of the salt in the air, the crisp cool breeze blowing in from the ocean - and if the moon is out too (!!!!!). The ocean is (and forever will be) one of my happy places. A place I can always go to for reflection and deepening the relationship I have with myself. Which has always allowed me to tap into my creativity and be more connected with my art. The way I feel when I'm at the beach is reflected in my art often!


I graduated with a BA in Psychology in May of 2018 searching for answers and left with a million more questions. I'm a critical advocate for mental well-being and constantly seek to educate myself on decolonizing practices that aid in our collective healing. What I love most about having two major passions is making space for both by allowing photography to support self-image healing and to be esteem-lifting, if you choose to tap into it!